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I totally forgot post this art!Or maybe it wasnt right time for it.
And ta-da now it is:3 I almost moved in new flat and dad made for me ​​a laaarge wooden desk on the table.So I look forward to draw or made something awesomeXD My flu is almost gone too and i need to do something:3

Now-this is my second/i think/ illustration of Tintin X Chang.They are both so cute and lovely:3 Their picture must be tender and affectionate. I like Tintins clothes in his china adventure and I little refine it.

/black ink,watercolor/

In next entry- i will post photo recording of this fanart and all my inspiration.I think it could be interesting for someone who want know how i work with watercolors.
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This dreamy soft watercolor presents a scene maybe from Marlinspike evening party.I know that Haddock usually hates these social events XD but he like quiet moments aside noise and enjoy the view*3*

I like sketching people,quick moments and clothes so i enjoyed my bit too:3
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Ha,finally I have some time-im moving into new flat and it s kind of tiringXD

I make this sketchy painting at holliday and finished it recently.I recall one prompt with Haddock protecting Tintin during some explosive adventure.

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Hey,its been a while!!!! Im back from vacation,full of ideas and inspiration!I finished a lot of sketches.This hurt/comfort watercolor is one of them-I scanned whole page- You can seen also holding hand picture before-it was mean together.

Kiss for my knight and hero who protects me in my adventures.

ha.... I love hurt/comfort stuff!!!!!

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Finally i have properly time for my tumbrl-

I will update sketches,art,photos,fun and inspiration here.And I would be glad meet some of you there too:3

AND MORE IMPORTANT- you can ask me anything or request some art(it help me practise and got inspiration from you too)

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I was at grandparents cottage and it was all like hobbit-like trip.It was really fun and i can finally rest. I feel lot better and have some energy:3 I eat LOT of wonderful garden strawberries from granma garden,they grow their own vegetable,herbs and goodness.Yes,like hobbits:3 And nature there is really pictoral and lovely.Like Shire:3 I read in rose garden,run tru forest,looked for mushrooms,almost went celebrate some village anniversary with firework and local firemans, have breakfast,second breakfast,third snack and almost second lunchXD owwwwXDDDDD

And I found there in drawer lovely old watercolors maybe from 60´s.I cant resist and draw quick painting with them. I tried catch subtle and sweet moment between captain and tintin. I think i seen somewhere prompt but there is over 6000 entries so i cant found itX


Jun. 4th, 2012 01:56 pm
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I must share this tiny secret:3 I love making microworlds in tiny bottles,glass balls for christmas or pendants in all possible shapes.

This one is in my private collection but you can see more at my page-

I cant resist make something tintin-relate:3 But this Moulinsard piece was more complicated and delicate than I thought-I use ceramic clay for residence and ground,"trees" are from natural moss and modeller grass,figures are from matalic modeller set for architecture models.All scene is hidden under glass cover.
I add a few photos of making proces:






and here is second adventure bottle with Snowy and Tintin. Which is still aviable.


If someone will be interested or have ideas in similar scene let me know!
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I seen one prompt on Tintin kink meme about genderbending and read lovely fanfic by Unicorn / / I paint very quick watercolor inspired by fem slashXD It take me about 30 minutes and side watching Traffic in TV./aaaaa Sean Bean!!!/ So it just small fun stuff.But i cant resist drew dressing gown with anchor pattern for madame Haddock.

Now I must collapse in bedTT___TT I returned from power yoga lesson and our trainer is masochist probably.Whole 5 minutes in one bonecracking position.Maybe i have broken wristXD

Please,can someone carry me to beeeeeeeeeeed?!


May. 16th, 2012 09:11 pm
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All Thanks go to one of my patients who totally look like older version of HaddockXD When he arrived ,he wore black jacket and blue t-shirt,had grayish beard,rumble voice and look so like him!!!!! I started immediately grinning and have better mood.So we start talked/beside work things/ and i found out that his daughter did same job like me.
He was really friendly and funny.Ha,he even started call me by first name after third visit. One time he had wool navy hat and brought me coffee and black chocolate! I think he take me just like daughter or young relative which is lovelyXD It could be perfect take photo but it would be awkward-"hey,sir can take your photo and expose it on tintin kink meme?" Oh i dont think so...XDDDDDDDDDDDD
I draw domestic scene with soft watercolor tones and full of precious memories:3


I have no plan to be anywhere else to but here
Or to become someone that leaves
I didn't even know there was an exit there
Darling, don't you try to capture me

I am here, here now
I'm right here by your side
I'll lay my hand on the couch next to you
You can hold it if you would like to

I listened this awesome song:
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Original prompt from lovely Ubikono was:
I would love to see Art or Fic of Tintin sitting on the Captain's lap as they read a book together. I would be glad to see it the other way around as well, because Tintin's strong enough to handle the Captain's weight :)

And even if i dont have "sitting on the lap picture" I quickly finished one fluffy instead*3* and book is included tooXD

And look what lucky and funny snap i takeXD I love these coincidences.
And I see that our public TV improved in program choiceXDDD
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Before some time I wear sometimes casual clothes inspired by Tintin costume for fun-like autumn trench coat,white shirt and blue sweather but I love navy clothing and colors the most.I got inspired by Haddock this timeXD
Sorry for image quality-i take quick snaps on cellphone.
On the first is better view on earrings and on the second at jacket.

I wear my favourite dark button jacket,striped shirt and I make black anchor earrings/they reminds me embroidery on captains blue sweather/.

That day I also had overarm bag with clothes for my power-yoga lesson.

Luckily I found my old scarf with printing-it looks like tatoo pattern.

And this is bonus for BiancaXDDD my favourite and very comfortable shoesXD

Now bring me paper and pencil!I have great idea for new pictureXD
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Binaca is writing awesome and quite unusual fic with Alcazar/Tintin pairing... while Tintin is in relantionship with Captain.
Read it here: its totally worth reading!!! So many hot scenes and i dont know how it endXDDD yes,,,,who can resist hot latino colonel*3*


and I was listening playlist:
Lila Down-La cucaracha
Tarantino favourite-Tito & Tarantula - La Flor De Mal
Mariachi Los Camperos
Rodrigo y Gabriela CD They are awesome!!!!!And song Tamacun or Diablo Rojo are just seductive,inspirating and perfect for this picture:3

and yesterday i found this panelXD

Hope you like another pairing then H/T like usual.I will try draw more others.So many inspirations.....XD
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Everybody love hurt/comfort XD dont deny it!

So when I seen this prompt I must choose from some older sketches. I finish them with light touch of watercolors.

....please Captain wake up soon....

Here is link to original prompt:
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I think it would be interesting and good tip for these who want go to Belgium:3
Sorry for blured photos,some of them was taken with cellphone.
I was there in autumn I think,but its lovely place with awesome coffee.

Photo from street-

Belgian Comic Strip Center is also the former Waucquez Warehouse, a gem of Art Nouveau by grand master Victor Horta (1906). Open every day (except on Monday) from 10 am to 6 pm. Here is official link:

You can drink coffee or eat inside in Horta Brasserie-restaurant.I love decorations,art deco feeling,light from tall windows and huge comics painting on walls.


And best part is this: You can read new comics magazines like newspapersXD

There is also very well stocked shop with action figures,magazines,comics,toys,fluffy Snowy,all tintins books or postcards...what you wantXD

In main hall you can see many decoration-like cars,statues or paper scenery.

I cant take most photos inside so its all badly blurredTT___TT

Anyway it was awesome day and dont forget eat some frités with mayonnaise!
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Im finally in better shape and stock of Easter chocolates is almost goneXD Anyway-I had time for drawings and crazy idas-like this one.
I saw at tumblr cute photo of cats:

And it reminds me somehow Haddock/with cap/ and TintinXD I cant help it!
So i made this two heartwarming watercolors sketch:3 I imagned Haddock like old seasoned tomcat protective of adventurous ginger kitty.

First-"Wha,whats this?And that flying thing?I wanna play!"
Second-"Sorry,please....I will never do it again!!!"

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That prompt was too cuteXD In this irresistible style you can see carrying and undressing in one together!

ink pen,some watercolors
I draw it during TV news today,so its really sketchy,but i hope the meanings is recognizableXD
Please take it like Easter present.I spend holliday mostly in bed with influenza and fever.And eating chocholate in bunny,egg and chicken shape*3*Which i love.

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Amazing prompt from Biancacastafarina-for her new fanfiction.The story's called "Detention", and Professor Tintin (age 40) has to watch over his 18 year old student Archie Haddock who was to do extra work for detention. They're alone in a classroom.

I try new rice paper.It was S-T-U-P-I-D!That paper is good only for pencil.When you use water it became wrinkled and all weird shaped.But it have soft and dreamy feeling it think...I dont have patience,time and health/flu strike back/repaint it so you must survive for nowXD

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I found tree Tintin comics,tattered but I still feel like discoverer.It cost 5 euros:3
They were hidden in box under sellers shop stand.OhohohXD And yes...they had old ship models tooXD Just a few stands over.

These are very old and original notebook version one with hard cover.

I take some photos from inside,so take a look!!!!! )
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Ohoho!!They arrived!!!THANK YOU COLLEN!!!!!

simply lovely!!I will enjoy drawing with themXD

here is her etsy storeXD i must do some promotionXD
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Another watercolored picture now with Chang and Tintin.


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